Crime Prevention

Crime occurs when there's an opportunity. That's why citizens are so important to police in preventing crime. There are a number of ways citizens can learn more about how to prevent crime at home and work.

The crime prevention officer is available for free home and business security checks. The crime prevention officer will analyze homes and businesses to find ways to improve safety and prevent crime and is also available to speak to neighborhood organizations or business groups about crime prevention.

The crime prevention officer also routinely speaks to groups of residents about how to protect themselves from certain types of crimes or answer any question they my have.

If you would like to talk with a crime prevention officer you my call (850) 627-7111 or e-mail us at:



Quincy Police Department Officer’s Neighborhood Assignments




Officers Assigned

Officer’s Email

Cell Number

Sunset Acres

Ofc. Harold Barber

Ofc. Charles Wade

(850) 544-9190



Lt. Eric Howell

Ofc. Vincent Rich

Ofc. Larhonda Gordon


Shaw Quarters

Sgt. Eugene Monroe

Ofc. Clarence Pearson

(850) 544-2336

Holiday Heights

Lt. Larry Gilyard

Ofc. Glendon Robinson

(850) 544-1238

Burmah Heights

Lt. James King

Ofc. Greg Horne

(850) 544-2335

Pepper Hill

Sgt. Troy Gilyard

Inv. Timothy Stembridge

(850) 510-4751

Subdivision/Lake Skillet

Ofc. Mike Wallace

Inv. Tara Bryant

(850) 251-0153

(850) 508-6680

North West Quadrant

Sgt. Robert Mixson

Ofc. Ana Centeno

(850) 544-2336