Criminal Investigation Divison

The CID Lieutenant leads the Investigation Division. The Investigation Division is run in a vigorous and professional manner, they investigate crimes that occur in the City of Quincy.

The Criminal Investigations Division investigates homicides, robberies, sexual batteries, aggravated assaults/battery, burglaries, grand thefts, auto thefts, fraud, and narcotics cases and many more.

The Criminal Investigations Division works closely with neighboring law enforcement agencies, federal agencies and state agencies. They also participate in a countywide Drug Task Force.

If you have any information about a crime or criminal activity that is occurring or has occurred in the City of Quincy, Please contact the Quincy Police Department at 850-627-7111 or Big Bend Crime Stoppers tip line at 850-681-4357.

There are presently four investigators assigned to investigate cases. If you would like to contact them, you can call 850-627-7111 or e mail them at: